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  1. Clean Growth Fund

    A request for proposals to raise and manage the government’s Clean Growth Fund.…

  2. Clean Bus Technology Fund

    Information on the Clean Bus Technology Fund, including successful bids and guidelines on how local councils in England can apply.

  3. Pollution prevention and control permit Part B - dry cleaning (Scotland)

    You need a permit if you run a dry cleaning facility that uses solvents in Scotland

  4. Check the quality of beach and bathing water in England

    Find out how clean the water is on beaches and in other bathing areas in England, and if there is a problem with pollution

  5. T1 waste exemption: cleaning, washing, spraying or coating relevant waste

    The T1 waste exemption allows you to treat waste packaging so it can be reused in its original form or becomes clean waste suitable for recycling.

  6. Clean and affordable energy: projects address the challenge

    This directory summarises 40 projects funded by Innovate UK that address the challenge of providing affordable, resilient and clean energy

  7. Dry cleaning: process guidance note 6/46

    Regulators must use this process guidance note (PGN) to assess applications and write permits for printing of dry cleaning.

  8. Surface cleaning: process guidance note 6/45

    Regulators must use this process guidance note (PGN) to assess applications and write permits for surface cleaning.

  9. Animal disease outbreak: prevent pollution from cleaning and disinfection

    How to clean and disinfect after an animal disease outbreak (eg foot and mouth, salmonella) and store and dispose of the washwater.

  10. MGN 510 (M+F) Use of exhaust gas cleaning systems.

    Guidance for United Kingdom’s approach to the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), for the prevention of air pollution from ships.

  11. Sustainable procurement: the GBS for cleaning products and services

    Official Government Buying Standards (GBS) for cleaning products: requirements for sprays, packaging and banned chemicals.

  12. U7 waste exemption: using effluent to clean a highway gravel bed

    The U7 exemption allows you to use effluent from water and waste water treatment plants to clean highway gravel beds where high-quality water is not needed.

  13. The benefits of microfibre cloth and steam cleaning technology

    This report explains the implications and benefits of an integrated approach to hospital cleaning which utilises a combination of microfibre cleaning materials and periodic steam cleaning.

  14. Cleaning of slipways and harbour infrastructure

    The use of chemicals to clean algae and other deposits off slipways and marine structures can cause pollution.

  15. Clean an oil spill at sea and get oil spill treatments approved

    Information on cleaning an oil spill including your options, how to get a product approved and how long it will take.

  16. International Climate Fund Business Case and Intervention Summary: Additional £75 million contribution to the Clean Technology Fund

    This business case proposes a new contribution of £75m to the Clean Technology Fund

  17. Applying the directive on the promotion of clean and energy efficient road transport vehicles

    How bus operators and local authorities can implement the directive on clean road transport vehicles.

  18. Integrating urban climate guidelines through clean technologies

    Integrating urban climate guidelines through clean technologies (RE & EE) at the state and city level to build sustainable low carbon cities

  19. Kyoto Protocol: Clean Development Mechanism – UK governance

    The Environment Agency is responsible for determining applications for the approval of Clean Development Mechanism projects, but the Secretary of State retains discretion to determine applications.

  20. Floods: how to clean up your home safely

    Health advice and precautions to keep you and your family safe while cleaning up your flooded home.…