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  1. Accessibility and assisted digital

    Help and encourage people to use your service: accessibility, assisted digital, user support.…

  2. Assisted digital support: an introduction

    An introduction to providing assisted digital support for government services, what assisted digital support is, and the people you need to support.

  3. Designing assisted digital support

    How to design assisted digital support for people who can’t use online government services on their own.

  4. How your assisted digital support will be assessed

    The work you must do as you build your service and the topics you need to discuss in your alpha, beta and live service assessments.

  5. Assisted digital and digital take-up community

    The assisted digital and digital take-up community is for anyone interested in how to design support for users who need help online, and increase digital take-up.

  6. Encouraging people to use your service online

    How to attract users, increase digital take up and promote your online service.

  7. Measuring digital take-up

    How to measure digital take-up: calculations, channel shift, reporting.

  8. Understanding users who don't use digital services

    Research with people who can't or won't use digital services: who to include, how to do it, digital inclusion scale, assisted digital personas.

  9. Digital Service Standard (pre-July 2019)

    Use this version of the standard if you started your discovery before July 2019.

  10. Making your service accessible: an introduction

    Meeting the accessibility standard, and how to test your service.

  11. Working with contractors or third parties

    Identify the skills your team needs, procure them through a third party supplier, contractor, temporary worker or interim; includes the Digital Marketplace.

  12. Measuring completion rate

    How to measure completion rate: calculations, understanding transactions, what to include, reporting.

  13. 5. Make sure everyone can use the service

    Provide a service that everyone can use, including people with disabilities or other legally protected characteristics.

  14. Set up a service team at each phase

    The skills and roles your digital delivery team needs for each service phase, and why you must work with teams across your organisation.

  15. Retiring your service

    When to retire a service, considering user needs, telling your users and what to do after the service is retired.

  16. Spend controls: check if you need approval to spend money on a service

    Check if you need approval to spend money on a digital or technology service.

  17. Standards and assurance community

    The standards and assurance community is for anyone with an interest in government standards and how they can be used to build high quality digital services.

  18. Measuring user satisfaction

    How to measure user satisfaction with your service: calculations, designing feedback, reporting.

  19. Testing for accessibility

    How to test your service to make sure it's accessible to users with disabilities.

  20. Measuring cost per transaction

    How to measure the cost per transaction on your service: calculations and reporting.