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Closed organisation: Monitor (Monitor)

  1. Equality and diversity policy

    How every Monitor employee is protected against unlawful or unfair discrimination.

  2. Delivering better integrated care

    A summary of what delivering better integrated care means and how Monitor is supporting the sector.

  3. Closed organisation: Monitor

    From 1 April, Monitor is part of NHS Improvement.

  4. NHS foundation trusts: Code of Governance

    Guidance for NHS foundation trust boards on leading their organisations and making decisions effectively.

  5. The NHS provider licence

    The licence contains conditions for providers of NHS services, including NHS foundation trusts and other providers.

  6. Rules for all agency staff working in the NHS

    Caps on the total amount NHS providers can pay per hour for an agency worker and rules on nursing agency spend.

  7. Strategy development: a toolkit for NHS providers

    A toolkit to support all NHS providers in developing clear and well-thought-out strategies.

  8. NHS commissioners: designate commissioner requested services (CRS)

    Designate which healthcare services should continue to be provided locally if an individual provider fails financially.

  9. Sir Robert Francis’ Freedom to Speak Up review

    Letter to all foundation trust chief executives about Sir Robert Francis’ Freedom to Speak Up review.

  10. Moving healthcare closer to home

    Support for providers and commissioners to make evidence-based appraisals of how the benefits compare with the costs of various approaches to move care closer to home.

  11. NHS foundation trusts: documents and guidance

    Guidance and information for NHS foundation trusts (FTs).

  12. Service-line management: an approach to hospital management

    Service-line management is an approach to management developed for the NHS by Monitor.

  13. FOI Prosthetic limb costs

    Information on the cost of prosthetic limbs and how much is spent on a patient with prosthetic limbs during their lifetime.

  14. NHS National Tariff Payment System 2016/17

    A set of prices and rules to help providers of NHS care and commissioners provide best value to their patients.

  15. Capitation: an introduction

    Capitation is an example of a potential new payment model to enable integrated care.

  16. NHS patients and service users: help and information

    Information for NHS patients and service users.

  17. NHS foundation trust governors: a brief guide to your duties

    An introduction to the role and duties of NHS foundation trust governors.

  18. UK Competition Network (UKCN)

    Documents issued by the members of the UKCN – the CMA and the individual sector regulators – about how competition law will be applied in the regulated sectors.

  19. NHS foundation trust governors: your legal obligations

    The role, responsibilities and powers of a governor in an NHS foundation trust.

  20. NHS trusts: apply for NHS foundation trust status

    Apply for NHS foundation trust status and learn about the assessment process and possible outcomes of your application.