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Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)

  1. Dstl release research on stability of COVID-19 in the air

    Dstl research on the stability of the COVID-19 virus in the air also supports the scientific advice provided to the Government on COVID-19 control measures

  2. MOD funds predictive sepsis test for coronavirus patients

    Dstl spin-out firm Ploughshare Innovations funds revolutionary test that can predict whether coronavirus patients will develop Sepsis before symptoms appear

  3. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

    The home of Defence Science and Technology Laboratory on GOV.UK.

  4. Ground Control to Faraday-1: Dstl to Operate First Space Mission

    Dstl's new satellite control ground station will support its first space mission following the launch of the Faraday-1 satellite

  5. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – Working for Dstl

    Dstl employs some of the world's brightest people.

  6. Competition: Intelligent Ship Phase 2

    DASA is looking for novel approaches to revolutionise military decision-making with the aid of Artificial Intelligence

  7. The Truth About Porton Down

    Answering the myths and misconceptions.

  8. Apply For Funding

    At DASA, we find and fund exploitable innovation to support UK defence and security quickly and effectively, and support UK prosperity.

  9. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – About us

    The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) ensures that innovative science and technology contribute to the defence and security of the UK.

  10. Standard terms and conditions

    Guidance on Defence and Security Accelerator terms and conditions for funding, contracts and intellectual property rights.

  11. Competition: Autonomy in Challenging Environments Phase 2

    The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is seeking proposals to improve the capability of autonomous systems in challenging environments.

  12. Submit a proposal

    Information on the stages involved in preparing and submitting a proposal to the Defence and Security Accelerator.

  13. Invisible Shield: Countering IEDs by novel technology and techniques

    This Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition aims to develop and demonstrate a number of novel technologies and techniques in the area of Counter-IED electronic countermeasures

  14. Dstl's work: programmes and facilities

    This collection of documents details Dstl's work by subject area including funding available and information about our facilities.

  15. Assessment process and criteria

    This guidance explains our competition process and how your proposal is assessed.

  16. COVID-19: Call for rapid sanitising technology for ambulances

    Do you have an innovative or novel approach to get ambulances cleaner quicker to help combat Coronavirus?

  17. DASA awards £2.3m to develop novel sensor technology

    Funding boost for UK-based industry and academia to accelerate innovation

  18. How to sell to or work with The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)

    Guidance on the many ways to work with us

  19. Applying for approval for MOD research involving humans

    This guidance sets out the process for determining whether governance approval and ethics review is required for research undertaken, funded or sponsored by MOD.

  20. Defence and Security Accelerator funded contracts

    Details of what the Defence and Security Accelerator has funded by financial year.