NHS bursaries

How to apply

You need to create a Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account on the NHS Student Bursaries website to apply for an NHS bursary.

You must reapply for your bursary every academic year.

There are different ways to apply if you’re from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

New students

If you’re entering the first year of your NHS-funded course or, for medical and dental students, your first year of NHS bursary funding, read the guidance for new students.

When to apply

You should wait until you have an offer of a course place from your university or college before you apply for an NHS bursary.

The date you can apply from usually depends on when your course starts. Check the NHS Student Bursaries website for the latest application dates.


If you’re applying for an NHS bursary for the first time you must provide 2 documents to confirm your identity, one of which must include a photograph of yourself, eg a birth certificate and a valid passport.

You must send original documents (not photocopies), which NHS Student Bursaries will return to you.

Continuing students

If you’ve already had an NHS student bursary for your current course and you’re reapplying for another year, read the guidance for continuing students.

When to apply

NHS Student Bursaries will send you an email invitation when you can reapply for your bursary. The date your invitation is sent depends on when your next academic year begins. Check the NHS Student Busaries website for the latest invitation dates.

You must send your application within 6 months of the first day of your academic year.

What happens next

If your application is approved, NHS Student Bursaries will send you an email when your bursary is available for you to view in your BOSS account.

If you get an NHS bursary you can apply separately for a reduced rate loan from Student Finance England.

Contact NHS Student Bursaries

Contact NHS Student Bursaries if you need help with your application.

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