Trade Advocacy Fund

The Trade Advocacy Fund (TAF) supports developing countries engage more effectively in trade negotiations to help them reach agreements that better reflect their needs.


The Trade Advocacy Fund (TAF) TAF provides developing countries with access to high quality analysis and advice, training and development for trade negotiators and limited logistical support so that officials can participate in trade negotiations, disputes and key policy meetings.

Amount of funding available

Up to £500,000

Eligibility requirements

Support is available to governments from:

  • Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
  • Low Income Countries (LICs)
  • Lower-Middle Income Countries(LMICs) and their representative membership organisations (e.g. Regional Economic Communities)

How to apply

Please see TAF website .

Background information on the fund

The UK has established TAF in order to provide legal advice and support to the world’s most vulnerable countries to prepare for and engage in key trade talks. Lack of access to legal expertise or resources has meant that the poorest countries have been marginalised in negotiations around their own future, making it harder to reach global and regional trade deals.


The Trade Advocacy Fund is managed by Crown Agents and Saana Consulting. Please visit the TAF website for further contact information.

Published 26 August 2014