Peace Support Fund

The aim of the Peace Support Fund is to increase the likelihood of sustainable peace in Myanmar.


The PSF will support initiatives which increase trust, confidence, engagement and participation in the peace process in Burma, and which reduce inter-communal tensions. The PSF will provide funding to demand-driven, small-scaled and tailored initiatives which either:

  • provide direct, tangible support to the peace process
  • seek to directly contribute to a reduction in inter-communal violence

PSF is open for application from a range of organisations, local, national and international, but especially encourages local initiatives and organisations to apply. Funded projects range in size and duration and focus on supporting cross-sectoral, political dialogue through, for instance:

  • state and national level consultations
  • workshops
  • negotiation preparation and training
  • addressing peace information needs and similar initiatives

Initiatives must be planned for completion prior to September 2015.

How to apply

For full details visit the PSF website

Published 29 August 2014