Foundation for Civil Society: Tanzania

The Foundation for Civil Society: Tanzania provides grants and other capacity-building support to civil society organisations in Tanzania.


The foundation aims to contribute to the development of a vibrant, effective and innovative civil society sector. This will help citizens engage in the democratic process, promote human rights, contribute to poverty reduction and enjoy a better quality of life. The foundation’s grants to civil society organisations are designed to help economically disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens to:

  • access information and understand policies, laws and their rights
  • engage in policy formulation and the monitoring of poverty reduction
  • contribute to social development
  • hold the government and private sectors to account

There are 3 types of grants:

  • Strategic Grants (SG) up to TZS 150 million
  • Medium Grants (MG) up to TZS 45 million
  • Rolling Small Grants (RSG) up to TZS 7.5 million

The Foundation for Civil Society is a Tanzanian non-profit company designed and funded by a group of development partners including DFID. It is governed by an independent board.

How to apply

Details available on the Foundation for Civil Society: Tanzania website.

Published 26 August 2014