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HMRC internal manual

Guidance on Real Estate Investment Trusts

Conditions and Tests: contents

  1. GREIT02005
    Company Conditions: summary
  2. GREIT02010
    Company Conditions: Conditions 1-3
  3. GREIT02015
    Company Conditions: Conditions 4-6
  4. GREIT02020
    Tax-exempt business Conditions: summary
  5. GREIT02025
    Tax-exempt business Conditions: Condition 1
  6. GREIT02030
    Tax-exempt business Conditions: Condition 1: single property
  7. GREIT02033
    Tax-exempt business Conditions: indirectly held property
  8. GREIT02035
    Tax-exempt business Conditions: Condition 2
  9. GREIT02040
    Tax-exempt business Conditions: Condition 2: valuation of assets
  10. GREIT02050
    Distribution Condition: general
  11. GREIT02055
    Distribution Condition: legal impediment
  12. GREIT02060
    Distribution Condition: interaction with 10% maximum shareholding rule
  13. GREIT02065
    Balance of Business Conditions
  14. GREIT02070
    Balance of business Conditions: Condition 1 (income test)
  15. GREIT02075
    Balance of business Conditions: Condition 2 (asset test)
  16. GREIT02100
    Maximum shareholding
  17. GREIT02105
    Maximum shareholding: definition of ‘holder of excessive rights’ (HoER)
  18. GREIT02110
    Maximum shareholding: when and how and excessive shareholding charge arises
  19. GREIT02113
    Maximum shareholding: when an excessive shareholding charge arises: examples
  20. GREIT02115
    Maximum shareholding: definition of control and meaning of beneficially entitled
  21. GREIT02118
    Maximum shareholding: meaning of direct and indirect control of voting rights
  22. GREIT02120
    Maximum shareholding: nature and amount of charge
  23. GREIT02123
    Maximum shareholding: formula to work out notional income (regulation 10(2) SI 2006/2864)
  24. GREIT02125
    Maximum shareholding: reasonable steps
  25. GREIT02130
    Maximum shareholding: reasonable steps: identifying substantial shareholders
  26. GREIT02135
    Maximum shareholding: reasonable steps: preventing payment of a dividend to a substantial shareholder
  27. GREIT02140
    Maximum shareholding: reasonable steps: payment of a dividend where rights to it are transferred
  28. GREIT02145
    Maximum shareholding: reasonable steps: dividends paid in respect of excessive shareholdings
  29. GREIT02150
    Maximum shareholding: reasonable steps: retained dividends: interaction with other rules
  30. GREIT02200
    Interest cover test (profit : financing cost ratio)
  31. GREIT02205
    Interest cover test: consequences of breaching the limit