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HMRC internal manual

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures

Supplementary Declarations (SDs): SD box completion rules

The details to be declared on the SD vary, depending on the CPC used. This section gives details of all the SAD boxes which are potentially declared on SDIs, SDWs and FSDs. These completion rules are in addition to anything specifically required by the Tariff.

These boxes will change to UCC requirements once the replacement Chief system is implemented.

Some trade software packages may require SAD boxes other than those listed here to be completed. CHIEF will not reject any SD that contains additional information (provided that the information completed is correct).

SAD Box Number Description Declaration type - SDI, SDW, FSD or All
    Requirement - M=Mandatory, <O=Optional, C= Conditional
  Accept Date/ Time: All = M
  SDP - enter the Acceptance date and time of the SFD.  
  LCP - enter the tax point/base date shown in the LCP records to release the goods.  
  FSD - enter 00:00 hours of the first day of the month in which the base date occurred (this is unaffected by the type of ‘reporting period’ used. Please see CFSP07000 for further details).  
1(1) Declaration Type (ie imports) All =M
1(2) Declaration codes (ie C = SDP SFD goods arrived) All = M
2 Consignor EORI SDI/SDW = O
2 Consignor name etc SDI/SDW = M
6 Total number of packages SDI/SDW = M
7 Declarants reference number. The DUCR may be quoted here but this must be in addition to box 44 All = O
8(1) SDI and SDW - Consignee EORI All = M
  FSD - Authorised CFSP trader’s EORI  
8(2) Consignee name etc All = C
14(1) Declarants type of representation (ie SR =1) All = M
14(2) Declarants EORI All = C
14(3) Declarants name All = C
15a Country of Dispatch Code SDI/SDW = M
21(1) Identity of transport Not currently req’d
21(2) Nationality of transport SDI/SDW = C
22(1) Invoice currency SDI/SDW = C
22(2) Invoice amount SDI/SDW = C
25 Mode of transport at the border SDI/SDW = C
26 Inland mode of transport SDI = C
30 Location of the goods. Enter the country, location and if applicable, the shed code SDI=M
31(1) Goods description SDI/SDW = M
31(2) Packages-marks and numbers. SDI/SDW = M
  SDI - Providing that the full packaging marks and numbers are properly declared on the SFD, the phrase ‘as per bill of lading/airway bill etc’ may be entered.  
  SDW - Providing that the full packaging marks and numbers are properly declared in the EIDR records, the phrase ‘as per commercial documents/delivery note etc’ may be entered  
31(2) Package count. SDI/SDW = M
  If ‘NA’ is entered as the package kind, enter the total number of packages covered by the declaration.  
31(2) Package kind. SDI/SDW = M
  SDI - where more than one kind of package is used, and providing that the kind of packaging is correctly declared on the SFD, enter the code ‘NA’  
  SDW - where more than one kind of package is used, and providing that the kind of packaging is correctly declared on the EIDR records, enter the code ‘NA’  
31(3) Container number SDI/SDW = C
  SDI - where more than one container number is declared on the SFD, only one of the numbers need be declared on the SDI  
  SDW - enter the number of the container that the goods left the warehouse in.  
33 Commodity code SDI/SDW = C
34a Country of origin code SDI/SDW = C
35 Gross mass SDI/SDW = C
36 Preference SDI/SDW = C
37 Customs Procedure Code (CPC) applicable to the procedure to which the goods have been released. All = M
38 Item Net Mass SDI/SDW = C
39 Quota SDI/SDW = C
40 Previous document class, type and reference number SDI/SDW = M
41 Supplementary units SDI/SDW = C
42 Item price SDI/SDW = C
43 Valuation method SDI/SDW - C
44(1) Declaration Unique Consignment Reference All = M
44(2) Additional Information Statement(s) and Document code(s) Various - refer to UK tariff
45 Adjustment SDI/SDW = C
46 Statistical Value SDI/SDW = C
47a-e Calculation of taxes SDI/SDW = C
48 Deferred payment SDI/SDW = M
49 Warehouse SDI = C
    SDW = M
54 Place, date and signature SDI/SDW = M
61 - 68 Value build up declaration SDI/SDW = C