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HMRC internal manual

Customs Authorisation and Approval

Authorising Customs Authorisations and Approvals: contents

  1. CAA11010
  2. CAA11020
    General Procedures for issuing a Decision on an application
  3. CAA11030
    Formal acceptance of an application: Standard letter
  4. CAA11040
    Refusing to accept an application: Standard letter
  5. CAA11050
    Right To Be Heard: Standard letter for authorisations and approvals
  6. CAA11060
    Rejecting an authorisation: Decision letters
  7. CAA11070
    Granting an Authorisation: Standard decision letters
  8. CAA11080
    Authorising Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Status
  9. CAA11100
    Authorising Comprehensive Guarantees
  10. CAA11110
    Authorising Temporary Storage and Approved Depositories
  11. CAA11120
    Authorising Entry in Declarant’s Records (EIDR) Imports
  12. CAA11130
    Authorising Simplified Declaration Procedure (SDP)
  13. CAA11140
    Authorising Storage
  14. CAA11150
    Authorising Processing
  15. CAA11160
    Authorising Specific Use
  16. CAA11170
    Authorising Centralised Clearance
  17. CAA11180
    Authorising Self-Assessment
  18. CAA11200
    Authorising Approved Exporter
  19. CAA11210
    Authorising Registered Exporter (REX)
  20. CAA11220
    Authorising Authorised Banana Weighers
  21. CAA11230
    Authorising Valuation Simplifications
  22. CAA11240
    Authorising Simplified Import VAT Accounting Scheme (SIVA)
  23. CAA11250
    Authorising Deferment Accounts
  24. CAA11260
    Authorising Authorised Consignee (TIR)
  25. CAA11270
    Authorising Authorised Consignor (Transit)
  26. CAA11280
    Authorising Authorised Consignee (Transit)
  27. CAA11300
    Authorising Use of Seals of a Special Type (Transit)
  28. CAA11310
    Authorising Transit Declaration with reduced data requirements
  29. CAA11320
    Authorising Use of an Electronic Transport Document as a Transit Declaration
  30. CAA11330
    Authorising Regular Shipping Service
  31. CAA11340
    Authorising Authorised Issuer for Proof of Union Status
  32. CAA11350
    Customs Supervised Exports (CSE), including Designated Export Places (DEPs)