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HMRC internal manual

Customs Authorisation and Approval

Pre-authorisation or approval controls and checklists for officers: Generic Validation Tests for Applications: Mandatory Acceptance Conditions

Following receipt of an application the acceptance condition test must be completed.  These should be completed in the following order to avoid spending unnecessary time checking applicants that fail the ‘eligibility to apply’ tests.

If the application fails any of these condition tests no further checks need to be undertaken.

Applicant’s Name  
VAT No. (VRN)  
Application Reference No. (to be assigned on receipt)  


Topic Information Needed Checks Comments Accepted
  AEO Existing AEO What type of Status is held?    
  AEOC Are further checks required for this application?  If yes which?      
  Live application for AEO This application should be referred to the AEO Central Team      
  Annulments and revocation AEO Has the applicant had AEO status annulled or revoked in the last 3 years?    
  Does this impact on the current application?        
  Type of application Has a previous authorisation been revoked?      
  Was this more than 12-m ago?        
  Has a previous authorisation been annulled?        
  Was this annulled by the Customs authorities on the basis of incomplete or incorrect information?        
  Was this in the last 36-m?        
  Application has been submitted to the correct competent authority EORI No Is the EORI a GB No.?    
  UK only Are all the operations restricted to the UK If no, does not impact on eligibility.    
  Other Member States Will activities be under taken in other member states?      
  Where are the main accounts held?        
  If not in the UK then: Does this type of application have to be submitted to the Member State where the applicant’s permanent place of business is established?         
  Applicant is registered in the EU EORI No Has an EORI number been provided?    
  Does this match the applicant        
  Applicants full name and address Full postal address given      
  Does the applicant have a permanent business establishment in the Union?        
  Contact details and their role in company/ procedure Does this person have the authority/ knowledge to act on the applicant’s behalf?      
  Type of authorisation Pre-conditions of application met Do other authorisations need to be held in order to gain this authorisation?    
  Are these held by the applicant        
  Have these been applied for?        
  Single procedure or regime        
Multiple procedures Is this an application for multiple regimes?    
  What other applications or authorisations are linked to this application    
  Does this application need to be ‘held’ pending other decisions?    
  Does this application need to be processed as a joint package with other applications?