How you can help refugees coming to the UK

There are ways that you or your organisation can help refugees.

Help as an individual

You can offer to help refugees in:


You can also give money to charities and appeals helping refugees in the UK and abroad. Recommended and experienced humanitarian and relief agencies include:


You can help asylum seekers and refugees already in the UK by volunteering with:

You can also find out about volunteering in your area from:

Help through your business or organisation

Employment and advice

Your business or organisation can help refugees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for example by offering career advice or employment. You should check if someone can work in the UK before you employ them.

Work with a charity

Your business or organisation can work with a charity or local refugee organisation to help raise awareness and donations for refugees. Find refugee organisations in your area.

Community sponsorship

Charities and community interest companies can also support resettled people directly. Your business or organisation will support the family as soon as they arrive in the UK, including giving them a home and teaching them English. Find out more about community sponsorship.

(Photo above by UNHCR – J Seregni. Used under Creative Commons - cropped to fit.)