Solve problems with connecting to GovWifi

Read this page if you're having network problems when you try to connect to GovWifi.

Network problems

If your device can connect to public wifi networks like coffee shop wifi, you should be able to connect to GovWifi.

If you can’t see the GovWifi network in your wifi settings, you might be in a building that doesn’t have GovWifi. Look for GovWifi posters or contact the local IT team to check.

You might be using a managed device if you can:

  • connect other devices to GovWifi but you can’t see the network on a specific device
  • see the GovWifi network but your device tells you that you don’t have permission to connect

If you think you are using a managed device, contact your local IT team. They’ll tell you if:

  • they can install a profile for GovWifi so that you can connect
  • you’re using a secure government device that’s not allowed to connect to GovWifi

Device problems

Check you’ve followed the instructions for your device. All details are case sensitive.

Find more details in the support section for:

Published 7 July 2017