Initial teacher training: marketing toolkit

Resources to help providers promote their initial teacher training (ITT) programmes.

Marketing toolkit

The provider toolkit guidelines (PDF, 10.7MB, 63 pages) includes information on:

  • using and printing advertising templates
  • event planning

You should read the relevant section before trying to use any of the advertising templates on this page.

ITT advertising templates

All of the templates below can be edited and personalised with the name of your organisation.

Please note that most of these files will need to be downloaded to your computer in order to use them. To do this, you should right-click the link and select ‘Save as’, ‘Save link as’, or ‘Save target as’.

Please get in touch with your ideas on how we can improve our toolkit, or for clarification on how to personalise our advertising templates. We value your feedback. Please email:

ITT marketing and recruitment guide

Create a successful marketing campaign to help you attract and recruit the best trainee teachers to your ITT programme.


Follow step-by-step instructions in our provider toolkit guidelines (PDF, 10.7MB, 63 pages) to personalise our social advertising templates. For editing ease, we have created pdf templates. You will need to follow our guidelines to convert the pdf files to image files for upload to social media.







Press advert

Guidelines for creating press adverts are included in the provider toolkit guidelines (PDF, 10.7MB, 63 pages) .

Please email if you would like us to send the artwork files to you or your printing company.

Outdoor banners

Guidelines for creating outdoor banners are included in the provider toolkit guidelines (PDF, 10.7MB, 63 pages) .

Please email if you would like us to send the artwork files to you or your printing company.

School-led events submission guidance

For help with effectively writing and submitting your own events to be advertised on the Get Into Teaching website, see the provider event submission guidance (PDF, 899KB, 10 pages) .

Teacher training information leaflets

Our digital leaflets can be used to support email campaigns and social marketing activity:

Use the leaflets ordering form to request printed copies for your events of:

  • funding for postgraduate teacher training
  • routes into teaching
  • school experience programme

ITT routes

You can find descriptions and distinctions of the types of teacher training courses on the Get into teaching website.


If you need any help using these materials, or would like to request the large zip files to be sent to your printing company, please contact us.

Marketing resource bank

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