GDS Academy masterclasses

A series of talks by world-leading academics and industry experts about the new technologies impacting public services.


GDS Academy masterclasses bring academic expertise into the heart of government with a series of seminars by world-leading academics and industry experts on the new technologies impacting public services.

Exploring how emerging technologies can help the public sector, the masterclasses are also an opportunity to share cutting-edge research and ideas across departments and organisations.

Masterclasses are free to people working in the public sector – they will also be shared on the GDS Academy YouTube channel.

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Upcoming events

A series of GDS Academy masterclasses are planned for 2019 and will be added to the calendar as they’re confirmed.

To book a place on a GDS Academy masterclass, sign up through the Eventbrite link in the calendar.

Date Event Speaker
26 February 2019 Digital government: decision-making under uncertainty Dr Ivan Palomares Carrascosa, Lecturer in Data Science and AI, University of Bristol
13 May 2019 Distributed ledger technologies Prof Steve Schneider, Professor of Computer Science, University of Surrey

Past events

Films of past events will be uploaded to the GDS Academy YouTube channel when available.

Date Event Speaker
31 January 2019 The ‘dark side’ of digital diplomacy: 5 tactics for countering disinformation Dr Corneliu Bjola, Head of the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group
13 December 2018 Quantum computers – the world’s most incredible machines

Perceiving and interacting with artificial agents: insights from social neuroscience
Prof Winfried Hensinger, Head of the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group and director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies

Prof Emily Cross, Professor of Social Robotics at the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Glasgow
12 December 2018 Machine learning in tele-rehabilitation Dr Crina Grosan, University of Brunel
22 November 2018 Developments in augmented and mixed reality

Living with intelligent machines
Prof Steve Benford, Professor of Collaborative Computing in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at University of Nottingham

Prof Nello Cristianini, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Bristol
31 October 2018 Artificial intelligence, Rubik’s cubes and ethics Terence Eden, Head of Open Standards at GDS
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