Digital leadership course

For senior civil servants in central government who need to support digital transformation and oversee joined-up, trusted services which respond to user needs.

Course summary

Made up of highly interactive sessions the course engages non DDaT (digital, data and technology) SCS in the issues and responsibilities surrounding government services in the digital era.

A one day set course is available at GDS Academy venues or departments can request specific modules to be delivered in their own venues. Please contact GDS Academy to request this option.

The modules explore the challenge of maintaining oversight and accountability of teams working in an agile way and updates delegates on the digital priorities for government to 2030.

The course content is policy and data based and is validated by senior members of the digital, data and technology (DDaT) profession across 30 government organisations. Case studies and examples are exclusively public sector.

Course aims and objectives

This course outlines the key digital priorities in government, for delegates to measure their level of awareness in order to remain accountable. Delegates will explore the leadership behaviours and working practices which support excellence in digital service design and delivery.

SCS will leave with a tangible list of action points and information straight from the DDaT community to lead central government teams in modern digital practice.

Learning objectives

  • Awareness of the key priorities for digital in government to 2030
  • Understand the accountability leaders need around digital
  • The value of agile ways of working and how leadership behaviours can support it
  • Understand how a multi-disciplinary team builds user-centered service design and what those digital teams need from leaders
  • Leadership’s attitude to risk and the value of fail-safe environments for digital service design projects
  • Understand where to access digital support and actions to take to improve digital leadership following this course


  • Digital leadership in government keynote by GDS Director General
  • 2030 roadmap: what are digital priorities for government; awareness levels and key questions to ask
  • The multi-disciplinary digital team: the roles, their value and what the heads of the DDaT community want from leaders
  • 7 things leaders need to know about agile
  • Meeting the Service Standard and the key leadership behaviours that support it
  • Live autopsy: digital service delivery assessment exercise
  • Risk-tolerance and governance in digital service design (case study)


This course is aimed primarily at Central Government SCS working outside the digital function or who are new to Government.


The course takes 1 full working day. It usually runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm.


The course costs £360 plus VAT for each person.

You must have a purchase order before requesting a place on the course.

Training locations

The GDS Academy has offices in Leeds and London. We run training courses from both locations.

We also run courses in pop-up locations. You will see these in the:

Ask a trainer to come to you

If you cannot travel to Leeds or London, you can ask a GDS Academy trainer to come to you. For example, they can travel to your office. You will need to pay for the trainer’s travel, accommodation and VAT.

If you want a trainer to come to you, email GDS Academy:

Course dates

Location Date Availability
London 28 April Postponed
Leeds 7 May Postponed
London 26 May Postponed
Leeds 4 June Postponed
London 30 June Postponed

New course dates

GDS Academy publishes new course dates approximately 4 times a year.

You can see these in the:

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