Chancery and Patents Court judges

A list of judges in the Chancery Division of the High Court and judges sitting in the Patents Court, including details of their clerks and contact details.

Judge Clerk Email Telephone Sitting in Patents Court
Chancellor of the High Court, Sir Julian Flaux Olivia Jay and Pauline Drewitt 0207 947 6397 Yes
  Adam Davis, Diary Secretary    
  TBC, Legal Advisor      
  Scott Strachan, Deputy Private Secretary    
  Amy Jabbal, Private Secretary    
Bacon, Mrs Justice TBC   Yes
Falk, Mrs Justice Supriya Saleem    
Fancourt, Mr Justice Steven Brilliant 020 7947 6251 Yes
Green, Mr Justice (Michael) Olivia Jay 020 7947 6397  
Hacon, His Honour Judge Rachel Morgan 020 7947 6265 Yes
Hildyard, Mr Justice Salma Begum    
Adam Johnson, Mr Justice Casey Ford    
Leech, Mr Justice Paul Byrne    
Mellor, Mr Justice Susan Woolley 020 7947 7964 Yes
Meade, Mr Justice Pauline Drewett 020 7073 0314 Yes
Miles, Mr Justice Hannah Wood 020 7947 7624  
Morgan, Mr Justice Caroline Reid   Yes
Roth, Mr Justice Ava Tranter   Yes
Smith, Mrs Justice Joanna Caroline Reid    
Smith, Mr Justice Marcus Wendy Simpson   Yes
Trower, Mr Justice Jas Kahlon 020 7947 6339  
Zacaroli, Mr Justice Gwilym Morris   Yes
Published 22 August 2016
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