We work in the Caribbean to reduce the region's vulnerability to economic shocks, high levels of violent and organised crime, natural disasters and climate change.

Many countries in the Caribbean have reached middle income status and are on track to achieve most of the Millennium Development Goals, but the Caribbean is particularly vulnerable to:

  • high levels of debt, slow economic growth, and having to adjust to the loss of historical trade preferences
  • the effects of climate change and impact of natural disasters – 60% of the population, and nearly all tourism, is located within 1.5 km of the coast; the severity of frequency of severe weather events is increasing
  • organised crime, drug trafficking and gang violence which have resulted in the highest regional murder rates in the world - well established criminal networks threaten stability and hinder investment.

DFID’s regional programme to the Caribbean amounts to £75 million for the period 2011- 2015 and aims to:

  • create 10,000 new jobs, 50% of them for women
  • increase the number of people living in Jamaica who trust and have confidence in the police by 11%
  • enable 228,000 people in coastal communities, including small farmers, to better cope with the effects of climate change and natural disasters
  • increase the average score of Caribbean countries in the World Bank ‘Ease of Doing Business Index’ by 20%
  • empower communities to demand better services and greater accountability from decision makers

The DFID Caribbean regional office is based in Barbados. The head of office is also the UK director of the Caribbean Development Bank. DFID staff are also based in Jamaica and Guyana.

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