Transparency data

Hospitality received by HMT special advisers: 1 January to 31 March 2018

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Special Adviser Date Person or organisation that hospitality was received from Type of hospitality received Accompanied by spouse, family member(s) or friend?
Kane Daniell Nil Return Nil Return Nil Return Nil Return
Duncan McCourt 2018-01-24 Gerald Angley, Irish Embassy Lunch Nil Return
Duncan McCourt 2018-02-02 Jamie Maxton/ Fergus Murphy (CYBG) Lunch Nil Return
Duncan McCourt 2018-03-16 Emily Walch (IA) Lunch Nil Return
Tim Pitt 2018-01-29 Amazon Dinner Dinner No
Tim Pitt 2018-02-15 Portland (Nick Hargave) Lunch No
Tim Pitt 2018-03-28 Finsbury (Hugo FitzGerald) Lunch No
Poppy Trowbridge 2018-02-12 Dan Hodges Lunch Nil Return
Poppy Trowbridge 2018-02-15 David Wooding Lunch Nil Return
Steffan Ball Nil Return Nil Return Nil Return Nil Return
Giles Winn 2018-02-14 Henry Zeffman, Paul Brand (ITV/The Times) Lunch Nil Return
Giles Winn 2018-02-21 The Premier League BRIT Awards Tickets Nil Return