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Parole Board spend: December 2017

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Department family Entity Date Expense type Expense area Supplier Transaction number Amount Description
MOJ Parole Board 12/11/2017 EXP - PURCHASE OF GOODS/SERVICES - TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Development & Practice - P FIRST CONFERENCE ESTATE LTD 33628.44 FS1718024 Conference Centre Cost for Members training event
MOJ Parole Board 12/19/2017 EXP - PURCHASE OF GOODS/SERVICES - ICT OUTSOURCING & MAINT./SUPPORT - Licences Information Technology - A TRUSTMARQUE SOLUTIONS LTD 30243.55 2,266,617.00 Funds for IT infrastructure licenses for the Parole Board O365 implementation project
MOJ Parole Board 12/14/2017 EXP - PURCHASE OF GOODS/SERVICES - OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - Legal Services - Government Legal Department Litigation - P GOVERNMENT LEGAL DEPARTMENT 38810.46 XF30011110-GLDBILL-447899 Litigation cost