FOI release

DfT: FOI and EIR disclosure log, August 2017

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RefNo RequestOutcome Summary DateResponded
F0015043 Fully met Cumbria CC Northbound Street Party and Taste Food Festival. 01/08/2017
F0014960 Met but some info not held Names of user groups who advised over Blue Badges. 01/08/2017
F0015044 Fully met Bilateral Air Service Agreement between Nigeria and United Kingdom. 02/08/2017
E0014974 Fully met VAG NOx reduction measures. 08/08/2017
F0014980 Fully met Invoices paid by DfT and its Executive Agencies. 08/08/2017
F0014951 Fully met Correspondence between Mick Whelan, of ASLEF, and Chris Grayling. 09/08/2017
F0015052 Met but some info not held Home/ flexible working options. 10/08/2017
F0014955 Fully met Correspondence between Mick Cash, of the RMT, and Paul Maynard. 11/08/2017
F0014962 Fully met Correspondence between Mick Cash, of the RMT, and Chris Grayling. 11/08/2017
F0015034 Fully met Department spend on the THINK! drink drive campaign. 13/08/2017
F0014998 Partially refused Recruitment of SCS staff. 14/08/2017
F0015045 Fully met Proportion of road traffic accidents annually in the UK re speeding. 15/08/2017
F0015010 Partially refused Printers and photocopiers. 16/08/2017
F0015014 Fully met Southern Rail short formations. 17/08/2017
F0015016 Fully met Letter from Chris Grayling to Charles Horton of Govia Thameslink. 18/08/2017
E0015090 Fully met Correspondence relating to the Hereford South Wye Transport Package. 18/08/2017
F0015025 Met but some info not held Information about the FOI recording system and FOI process. 18/08/2017
F0015111 Fully met Manchester Pride event. 21/08/2017
F0015026 Met but some info not held Red box movements booked through the Government Car Service. 21/08/2017
F0015042 Partially refused ICT contracts. 21/08/2017
F0015053 Partially refused New Stations Fund bids. 21/08/2017
F0015099 Fully met SBRI funding competition "innovation in cycling and walking". 22/08/2017
F0015128 Fully met The West Coast franchise and the Midland Mainline franchises bid information. 24/08/2017
F0015081 Partially refused Croydon bus and tram crashes. 24/08/2017
E0015037 Fully met Heathrow Noise Abatement Procedure. 24/08/2017
E0015091 Met but some info not held Litter and lay-by closure on A13, Essex. 24/08/2017
F0015062 Fully met Policy on phased returns to work following sick leave. 25/08/2017
F0015125 Fully met Applications made under s16B(6) of RTRA 1984. 25/08/2017
F0015054 Partially refused Information about secondments. 25/08/2017
F0015048 Partially refused Annex 4 of the HS2 Development Agreement. 25/08/2017
F0015063 Fully met Information on RASCarGO that uses dogs to sniff explosives. 29/08/2017
F0015113 Fully met Lake Lothing Third Crossing Project. 30/08/2017
E0015078 Partially refused VW EA189 service action. 30/08/2017
F0014906 Partially refused Correspondence between John Hayes MP and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 31/08/2017
F0015075 Fully met Prestwick airport or spaceport proposal which name the Trump family. 31/08/2017
E0015077 Fully met The 'challenge fund' for Southend highway flood reduction. 31/08/2017