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Special Advisers working for Deputy Prime Minister's Office - Hospitality – Jan to Mar 2011 - CSV Format

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Appointing Minister Name of Special Adviser Date of Hospitality Name of Organisation Type of hospitality received
Deputy Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP Jonny Oates 27-Jan-2011 Averley Partners Limited Lunch
Jonny Oates 02-Feb-2011 Capital and Counties Lunch
Jonny Oates 07-Feb-2011 BBC Lunch
Jonny Oates 03-Mar-2011 The Independent Lunch
Jonny Oates 15-Mar-2011 Daily Mail/The Sun Lunch
Jonny Oates 16-Mar-2011 The Sun Drinks
Richard Reeves 05-Jan-2011 High Commission of Canada Cirque du Soleil Tickets
Richard Reeves 11-Jan-2011 Institute for Government Lunch
Richard Reeves 14-Jan-2011 Brunswick Group Lunch
Richard Reeves 07-Feb-2011 The Observer Lunch
Richard Reeves 11-Feb-2011 Financial Times Lunch
Richard Reeves 14-Feb-2011 The Economist Lunch
Richard Reeves 15-Feb-2011 Financial Times Lunch
Richard Reeves 17-Feb-2011 The Observer Lunch
Richard Reeves 15-Mar-2011 BBC Lunch
Richard Reeves 22-Mar-2011 Boston Consultancy Group Lunch
Richard Reeves 24-27 March 2011 Liberty Fund Travel, meals and overnight accommodation
Chris Saunders 14-Jan-2011 Evening Standard Lunch
Chris Saunders 11-Feb-2011 Sky News Lunch
James McGrory 12-Jan-2011 News of the World Lunch
James McGrory 13-Jan-2011 The Independent on Sunday Lunch
James McGrory 27-Jan-2011 The Sun Lunch
James McGrory 31-Jan-2011 The Guardian Lunch
James McGrory 28-Feb-2011 Daily Mail Lunch
James McGrory 08-Mar-2011 ITN Lunch
James McGrory 15-Mar-2011 Daily Mail/The Sun Lunch
James McGrory 30-Mar-2011 The Times Lunch
James McGrory 31-Mar-2011 The Independent Lunch