Transparency data

Cabinet Office special advisers' meetings, January to March 2017

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Special adviser Date Name Media organisation represented Purpose of meeting
Rupert Yorke 10-Jan Kulveer Ranger ATOS Meeting to dicuss the digital vision for Government
Rupert Yorke 13-Jan Simon Hansford UKCLoud Discuss how the UK's digital SME's can help meet challenges
Rupert Yorke 07-Feb Chris Hope Daily Telegraph Introductory meeting
Rupert Yorke 08-Feb Matt Chorley The Times Introductory meeting
Rupert Yorke 17-Mar Andrew Haldeby & Charlie Pickles Think Tank Introductory meeting
Rupert Yorke 21-Mar Joy Morrissey The CSJ Awards Honouring Britain‰Ûªs most effective grassroots charities and social enterprises that are transforming the lives of people in poverty.