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Special Advisers in No10 Hospitality – April to June 2011

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Appointing Minister Name of Special Adviser Date of Hospitality Name of Organisation Type of hospitality received
Prime Minister Gabby Bertin 07-Apr-2011 The Observer Lunch
Gabby Bertin 12-Apr-2011 The Times Lunch
Gabby Bertin 12-Apr-2011 The Telegraph Dinner
Gabby Bertin 13-Apr-2011 The Daily Express Lunch
Gabby Bertin 04-May-2011 The Times Lunch
Gabby Bertin 09-May-2011 News International Lunch
Gabby Bertin 10-May-2011 News of the World Lunch
Gabby Bertin 12-May-2011 News of the World Lunch
Gabby Bertin 16-May-2011 Sunday Times Lunch
Gabby Bertin 17-May-2011 The Daily Mail Lunch
Gabby Bertin 20-May-2011 The Sun Lunch
Gabby Bertin 03-Jun-2011 Channel 4 Lunch
Gabby Bertin 07-Jun-2011 Sunday Express Lunch
Gabby Bertin 09-Jun-2011 Independent/Herald Lunch
Gabby Bertin 16-Jun-2011 News Corporation Dinner
Gabby Bertin 17-Jun-2011 Politics Home Lunch
Tim Chatwin 05-May-2011 Hampden Publications Lunch
Tim Chatwin 27-Jun-2011 Westbourne Communications Dinner
Tim Colbourne 27-May-2011 Agilisys Lunch
Tim Colbourne 02-Jun-2011 Fishburn Hedges Lunch
Tim Colbourne 08-Jun-2011 Finmeccanica UK Ltd Dinner
Andrew Cooper 21-Apr-2011 TLG Communications Lunch
Andrew Cooper 13-May-2011 The Times Lunch
Andrew Cooper 01-Jun-2011 Blue Rubicon Lunch
Andrew Cooper 10-Jun-2011 BBC Lunch
Andrew Cooper 28-Jun-2011 Relationship Foundation Lunch
Sean Kemp 08-Apr-2011 BBC Lunch
Sean Kemp 15-Apr-2011 The Times Lunch
Sean Kemp 19-Apr-2011 Financial Times Lunch
Sean Kemp 22-Apr-2011 Sky Lunch
Sean Kemp 11-May-2011 Independent on Sunday Lunch
Sean Kemp 19-May-2011 The Daily Mail Lunch
Ed Llewellyn 14-Apr-2011 The Daily Mail Dinner
Polly Mackenzie 20-Apr-2011 MHP Communications Lunch
Polly Mackenzie 27-Apr-2011 KPMG Dinner
Polly Mackenzie 06-May-2011 CentreForum Lunch
Craig Oliver 07-Apr-2011 The Times Lunch
Craig Oliver 18-Apr-2011 The Daily Mail Lunch
Craig Oliver 28-Apr-2011 The News of the World Lunch
Craig Oliver 09-May-2011 News International Lunch
Craig Oliver 17-May-2011 The Sun Dinner
Craig Oliver 26-May-2011 The Telegraph Lunch
Craig Oliver 27-May-2011 ITV Lunch
Craig Oliver 01-Jun-2011 CNN Lunch
Craig Oliver 06-Jun-2011 News International Lunch
Craig Oliver 09-Jun-2011 Independent/Herald Lunch
Craig Oliver 10-Jun-2011 LTA Ticket to Queens Tennis
Craig Oliver 12-Jun-2011 Gates Foundation Lunch
Craig Oliver 16-Jun-2011 News International Summer Reception
Craig Oliver 27-Jun-2011 The Financial Times Summer Reception
Craig Oliver 28-Jun-2011 BBC Lunch
James O'Shaugnessy 14-Apr-2011 Quiller Consultants Lunch
Lena Pietsch 04-Apr-2011 The Telegraph Dinner
Lena Pietsch 08-Apr-2011 Grazia Breakfast
Lena Pietsch 15-Apr-2011 The Economist Lunch
Lena Pietsch 20-Apr-2011 Sky Lunch
Lena Pietsch 27-Apr-2011 KPMG Dinner
Lena Pietsch 09-May-2011 International Press Institute Dinner
Lena Pietsch 20-May-2011 Trinity Mirror Lunch
Lena Pietsch 16-Jun-2011 The Telegraph Lunch
Lena Pietsch 22-Jun-2011 Grazia Breakfast
Michael Salter 07-Apr-2011 Stonewall Dinner
Michael Salter 10-Jun-2011 BBC Lunch
Alan Sendorek 06-Apr-2011 Sky News Lunch
Alan Sendorek 13-Apr-2011 Daily Star Sunday Lunch
Alan Sendorek 18-May-2011 News of the World Lunch
Alan Sendorek 06-Jun-2011 Sky News Lunch
Rohan Silva 13-May-2011 Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners Lunch
Rohan Silva 17-May-2011 The Spectator Lunch
Rohan Silva 25-May-2011 Facebook Dinner
Rohan Silva 28-May-2011 Osborne & Partners Ticket to Champions League Football
Rohan Silva 09-Jun-2011 Founders Forum Overnight accommodation and meals