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BIS: exceptions to spending controls: information and communications technology (ICT) - April to June 2016

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Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value Requested (£) Total Value Approved (£) Date of approval
BIS Innovate UK IFS Beta continuation This submission seeks approval to continue to public beta of the applicant journey with continuation of the remaining modules (assessor and internal user) which allow the journey to run multiple funding programmes, in line with Innovate UK's delivery plan. £1,500,000 £1,500,000 May-16
BIS Land Registry Land Registry Local Land Charges (LLC) Register Service - Alpha This submission seeks approval to pursue the planned Alpha work to completion using internal Land Registry resource. £536,340 £536,335 May-16
BIS Innovate UK Enterprise Europe Network Opportunity Finder (digital service) - alpha Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) has a digital service that Innovate UK inherited from its non-government partners. Innovate UK has an obligation with the EU to provide a digital service under the terms of the contract. It is exempt from GOV.UK because of the majority funding from the European Commission. £121,000 £116,000 Apr-16
BIS BIS Research Council Grant Funding Service - Alpha Extension This submission seeks approval for an 8 week extension for Alpha from 7th March to 29th April. Our alpha service assessment took place on Thursday 3rd March and the assessment panel believe that we have more work to do to satisfy the digital standard at the end of alpha and progress into Private Beta. The team have determined that 8 weeks is required for this work. £505,535 £384,076 Apr-16
BIS Companies House Companies House Digital Forms Enablement Service - Stage 1: Voluntary Dissolution Transaction (Alpha only) The Alpha Phase is expected to last 4 weeks and deliver: High level story cards ; A plan for the beta phase; Final analysis on the research commissioned on user needs ; Options for assisted digital support ; A prototype dissolution transactionusing the managed software service with electronic signature and e-payment capability that can be shown to a number of users ; A prototype of the API. £140,000 £140,000 Apr-16
BIS BIS The Import & Export Licensing Service Alpha The project is a joint project between BIS and the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It is the exemplar for 1 Government @ the border licensing and permissions work stream, which will create a cross-government platform for import & export licensing. £643,474 £643,474 Apr-16
BIS IPO IDA Authentication Discovery and Alpha, to implement in Private Beta This request is seeking approval for a 16 week phase to Private Beta to build the IPO's Enterprise IDA Authentication solution. £135,500 £66,700 Apr-16
BIS Student Loans Company SLC CLASS Upgrade Project The need to upgrade the Student Loan Compny's technology was identified in previous programs within the organisation. £6,900,000 £6,900,000 Jun-16
BIS Student Loans Company Strategic Data Warehouse The 2006+ Debt Sale is planned to initiate in January 2017. The Strategic Data Warehouse is required to provide the supporting data for this sale, and therefore requires to be fully in place by December 2016 and has a 6 month estimated delivery timescale. £4,808,964 £4,808,964 Jun-16
BIS Land Registry Local Land Charges register service beta £3,861,313 £3,861,313 May-16
BIS Land Registry Mainframe Web Tier Migration £3,400,000 £3,400,000 May-16
BIS Skills Funding Agency Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) and Employer Engagement CRM - Discovery Funding requested for a Discovery stage to cover the resources required to complete the scoping & planning activities for the development of interfaces to integrate the Employer Apprenticeships CRM & DAS. Delay in this work would mean that it would not be possible to complete Alpha & Beta by Oct16 and the launch of the first DAS service. £64,000 £64,000 Jun-16
BIS Skills Funding Agency Learning records services (expiration of support contract) Funding requested to extend to extend the Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) contract for LRS and to cover the additional operational spend for the period of the extension to enable continuity of this mature shared service. £338,685 £338,685 May-16
BIS Skills Funding Agency Learning records service (redevelopment of aim & component level) Funding requested to cover the alignment of our systems to the Ofqual Regulatory IT Systems (RITS). Covers the implementation of a specific detailed change to the existing Learning Records Service (LRS) System. This has been impact assessed and a fixed cost provided by the current suppliers to enable the service to continue business as usual. No discovery, alpha/beta, or procurement was required. £347,000 £347,000 May-16