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Results by sector: heath

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Results achieved by sector - health
Progress towards DFID results commitments
Commitment Indicator Indicator type* Results achieved up to 2013-14 inclusive**
Male Female Not identified Total
Save the lives of at least 50,000 women in pregnancy and childbirth*** Number of maternal lives saved through DFID support Modelled N/A 36,000 N/A 36,000
Save the lives of 250,000 new born babies Number of neonatal lives saved through DFID support Modelled - - 64,000 64,000
Help halve malaria deaths in ten of the worst affected countries Number of malaria-specific deaths per 100,000 persons per year Modelled - - 24 24
N/A Number of insecticide treated bed-nets distributed with DFID support Cumulative N/A N/A N/A 33,689,000
Support at least two million women to deliver their babies with skilled midwives, nurses and doctors Number of births delivered with the help of nurses, midwives or doctors through DFID support Cumulative - - 3,582,000 3,582,000
Enable at least 10 million more women to use modern methods of family planning by 2015*** Number of additional women using modern methods of family planning through DFID support Cumulative N/A 4,966,000 N/A 4,966,000
Help to immunise more than 55 million children against preventable diseases**** Number of children immunised against preventable disease through support to GAVI Cumulative - - 40,660,000 40,660,000
Results achieved by multilateral organisations
Indicator Multilateral Organisation Reporting period Latest results (1) DFID's contribution as a % of total core funding (2)
Number of children immunised against preventable disease GAVI 2013 51,000,000 25
Number of HIV positive women provided with treatment to prevent transmission to their babies GFATM (3) 2013 670,000 9
Number of insecticide treated bednets distributed GFATM (3) 2013 50,000,000 9
Number of people provided with treatment for AIDS GFATM (3) 2013 1,900,000 9
Number of tuberculosis cases detected and treated GFATM (3) 2013 1,500,000 9
Number of children immunised IDA FY 2012-13 144,000,000 11
People provided with a basic package of health, nutrition or population services IDA FY 2012-13 34,800,000 11
Number of female condoms procured UNFPA 2012 17,400,000 7
Number of vitamin A treatments procured (4) UNICEF 2013 509,000,000 5
Children benefitting from child-friendly HIV/ AIDS medicines UNITAID 2012 32,000 32
Children supplied with TB treatments                                                     UNITAID 2012 46,000 32
* Cumulative indicators take the sum of the results achieved across the various years to measure performance. Peak year indicators aggregate results for each programme in the particular year for which the programme achieved the greatest results, ensuring we measure the number of unique individuals reached and avoiding double counting.
** Results are rounded to the nearest thousand with the exception of 'Number of malaria-specific deaths per 100,000 persons per year', which are actual values. ' - ' indicates results of zero or < 500.
*** Commitment to be achieved through both bilateral and multilateral channels
**** Commitment to be achieved through multilateral channels only
(1) Where results are reported to the nearest million or hundred thousand they have been presented in this way; otherwise results have been rounded down to nearest thousand. Sources for all indicators can be found in Figure 2.6 of DFID's Annual Report and Accounts 2013-14.
(2) The DFID burden share presented here are not suitable to calculate a DFID results attribution of multilateral results. The results presented in this table are achieved through all funding streams that the multilateral receive, not just limited to core funding.
(3) GFATM does not engage in direct procurement activities; instead these are managed under the full responsibility of grant recipients. However, GFATM provides mechanisms to promote and cost-effective procurement of health products.
(4) Includes in-kind assistance.