Transparency data

Senior staff datasets at the SIA, March 2014

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Post Unique Reference Name Grade (or equivalent) Job Title Job/Team Function Parent Department Organisation Unit Contact Phone Contact E-mail Reports to Senior Post Salary Cost of Reports (£) FTE Actual Pay Floor (£) Actual Pay Ceiling (£) Professional/Occupational Group Notes Valid?
CEO Bill Butler SCS1 Chief Executive CEO Home Office SIA Executive 02070254100 XX 275700 1 120000 124999 1
A Stephen McCormick SCS1 Director Operations Operations Home Office SIA Executive 02070254224 CEO 2823126 1 N/A 1
B Dave Humphries SCS1 Director Partnerships & Interventions Partnerships & Interventions Home Office SIA Executive 02070254175 CEO 1709783 1 N/A 1
C Dianne Tranmer SCS1 Director Corporate Support Corporate Support Home Office SIA Executive 02070254148 CEO 989128 1 N/A 1