Transparency data

BIS exceptions to spending controls: ICT - January to March 2014

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Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value requested (£M) Total Value Approved (£M) Date of approval
BIS Skills Funding Agency Alpha phase of exemplar This expenditure is to complete the Alpha phase of the NAS exemplar project: deliver (using an Agile approach) a prototype consisting of two epic user stories prioritised on business value, as follows: • Small employer posting a vacancy, and • Candidates applying for an Apprenticeship All activities required to inform the business decision to commence the Beta phase of the project. £0.32 £0.32 14/01/2014
BIS BIS - Spire Extension Additional costs due to delays in accreditation to emergent Government ICT strategy and Protective Marking Scheme, then consequent need to align with change of main BIS ICT service. Service is now live with no untoward business impact, delivering objectives of refreshed service and significantly reduced running costs. £0.59 £0.59 21/01/2014
BIS Student Loans Company 24+ Advance Learning Loans year 2 rollover To enable Student Loans Company to deliver the service annual rollover for 14/15 following the successful launch of the service in 13/14; £0.90 £0.90 10/02/2014
BIS NERC Objective software support The application for ICT expenditure is within BIS £1m discretion and was approved . £0.31 £0.31 23/01/2014
BIS NERC ESRI Enterprise Licence Agreement The application for ICT expenditure is within BIS £1m discretion and was approved. NERC would consult UK SBS procurement staff for assistance in ongoing price negotiations £0.34 £0.34 23/01/2014
BIS Companies House IT Service management replacement service management tool providing increased functionality and automation. £0.21 £0.21 23/01/2014
BIS Companies House integrated desktop new collaboration software that brings together different IT support systems into a single desktop screen, together with new social business media tools - in line with Civil Service Reform improvements. £0.24 £0.24 23/01/2014
BIS BIS core Pay and Work Rights helpline renewal Provides a free and confidential advice service to people on their pay and work rights. Also provides a way for people to make complaints to the appropriate enforcement bodies if needed. The helpine is also complimented by online enquiry and complaint forms through £0.75 £0.75 23/01/2014
BIS NERC NOC See Track £0.22 £0.22 20/03/2014