Transparency data

January to March 2012 – Special Advisers’ hospitality

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Hospitality received[1] by Special Advisers
Period: Jan – March 2012
Name Date of hospitality Name of organisation Type of hospitality received
Philippa Stroud 6th Feb 2012 The Spectator Lunch
Philippa Stroud 15th Feb 2012 BBC Lunch
Philippa Stroud 23rd Feb 2012 Media Intelligence Partners Lunch
Susie Squire 12th Jan 2012 The Sun/The Mail Lunch
Susie Squire 25th Jan 2012 The Spectator Lunch
Susie Squire 29th Feb 2012 The Guardian Lunch
Susie Squire 6th March 2012 The Mail Lunch
Susie Squire 12th March The Telegraph Dinner
[1] Does not normally include attendance at functions hosted by HM Government; ‘diplomatic’ functions in the UK or abroad, hosted by overseas governments; minor refreshments at meetings, receptions, conferences, and seminars; and offers of hospitality which were declined. Staff are required to record all other hospitality received apart from minor incidental refreshments.
* indicates if accompanied by spouse/partner or other family member or friend.’