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BIS special advisers: hospitality, October to December 2012

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Name of Special Adviser Date of Hospitality Name of Organisation Type of hospitality received
Giles Wilkes 2-Oct John Micklethwait, The Economist Lunch
Giles Wilkes 16-Oct BriefingCircle Lunch
Giles Wilkes 16-Nov The Guardian Breakfast
Giles Wilkes 22-Nov BBC Breakfast
Giles Wilkes 27-Nov McKinsey &Company Breakfast
Emily Walch 9-Oct The Sunday Telegraph Dinner
Emily Walch 23-Oct The Telegraph Lunch
Emily Walch 25-Oct BBC Dinner
Emily Walch 26-Oct Financial Times Lunch
Emily Walch 7-Nov Asian Trader Magazine Dinner
Emily Walch 19-Nov Warwick University Dinner
Emily Walch 21-Nov Fraser Nelson, The Spectator Lunch
Emily Walch 22-Nov BSkyB Lunch
Emily Walch 30-Nov BBC Dinner
Emily Walch 10-Dec Sarah Sands, Evening Standard Lunch
Emily Walch 12-Dec Tony Gallagher, The Telegraph, Lunch
Emily Walch 14-Dec BSkyB Lunch
Emily Walch 18-Dec Daily Telegraph Lunch
Emily Walch 18-Dec Viscount and Viscountess Rothermere, The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday Reception
Nick Hillman 23-Oct Richard Sharp Dinner
Nick Hillman 24-Oct Russell Group Dinner
Nick Hillman 9-Nov The Publishers Association Lunch
Nick Hillman 20-Nov Sutton Trust Lunch
Nick Hillman 23-Nov Cicero Group Lunch
Nick Hillman 27-Nov Reform Dinner
Nick Hillman 29-Nov The Times Higher Education Awards Dinner Dinner
Nick Hillman 3-Dec Cambridge Assessment Lunch
Nick Hillman 4-Dec Political Studies Association Dinner
Nick Hillman 12-Dec Politeia Dinner
James Wild 27-Nov Institution of Mechanical Engineers Dinner