The benefits system needs to be reformed to be fair, affordable and able to reduce poverty, worklessness and welfare dependency. This will make sure people are helped to move into work while the most vulnerable get the support they need.

Policies 5

  1. Simplifying the welfare system and making sure work pays

    Making the welfare system fairer, more affordable and better able to reduce poverty, worklessness and welfare dependency.

  2. Helping to reduce poverty and improve social justice

    How the government is working to help people overcome complex problems that lead to poverty, to help them change the course of their lives

  3. Fulfilling the commitments of the armed forces covenant

    The covenant exists to ensure that service personnel, veterans and their families are not disadvantaged as a result of their service.

  4. Helping people to find and stay in work

    How the government is getting Britain working and helping people break the cycle of benefit dependency.

  5. Improving the child maintenance system

    Increasing the number of children who benefit from effective maintenance arrangements and improving collaboration between separated parents.

Detailed guides

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    Essential information for British nationals living in the Republic of Cyprus. Read more

  4. Living in Tanzania

    This guide sets out essential information for British national residing in Tanzania including advice on health, education, benefits, residence requirements and more. We are unable to provide any guidance on general lifestyle enquires apart from the information and links listed below. See our services for British Nationals. Read more

  5. Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC)

    British armed forces casualty administration and notification. Read more