Overseas trade and inward investment are vital for the UK’s prosperity. Through its trade and investment policies, the government aims to help UK businesses succeed internationally and encourage overseas companies to work with the UK.





  1. UK overseas trade statistics: June 2017

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  2. Quarterly Stamp Duty Statistics

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  3. UK defence and security export figures 2016

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Detailed guides

  1. Tonnage measurement

    Key regulations on tonnage measurement, weighing, safe loading, unloading and carriage of cargo, and passenger and personnel safety issues for ships. Read more

  2. Military End-Use Control

    Some otherwise uncontrolled goods are at risk of being used as parts for, or to manufacture military equipment in an embargoed country. Read more

  3. Controls on dual-use goods

    Exports of dual-use goods controlled by EU Dual-Use Regulation are wide ranging, encompassing goods in the telecoms, avionics and security sectors. Read more

  4. Standard Individual Export Licences

    How to apply for a SIEL so you can export controlled goods, and the conditions of use attached to them. Read more

  5. SPIRE: an overview

    How to register on and use SPIRE, the online system for applying for an export licence for military or dual-use products. Read more