Overseas trade and inward investment are vital for the UK’s prosperity. Through its trade and investment policies, the government aims to help UK businesses succeed internationally and encourage overseas companies to work with the UK.

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  1. Promoting stability throughout the Western Balkans

    Securing peace and creating the conditions for EU membership in the Western Balkans

  2. Preventing and reducing piracy off the coast of Somalia

    UK counter-piracy activity off the coast of Somalia, and HMG advice to the shipping industry and travellers.

  3. Strengthening UK relationships in Asia, Latin America and Africa to support UK prosperity and security

    Opening up new markets for secure trade and investment with British businesses

  4. Increasing the UK’s exports and attracting inward investment

    Helping businesses increase their exports and making the UK more competitive for overseas companies who want to set up and invest in the UK.

  5. Using Industrial Strategy to help the UK economy and business compete and grow

    Measures taken by government to create growth - from training to supporting technology, from procurement to improving access to finance.

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  1. TTIP: the mandate explained

    • 3 March 2015
    • Policy paper
  2. Exporting to Mozambique

    • 3 March 2015
    • Guidance
  3. Small businesses: understanding growth

    • 3 March 2015
    • Research and analysis

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  1. Overseas trade statistics: methodologies

    • 3 March 2015
    • Statistics - national statistics
  2. UK trade statistics with countries in the European Union: December 2014

    • 6 February 2015
    • Statistics - national statistics
  3. UK trade statistics with countries outside the European Union: December 2014

    • 6 February 2015
    • Statistics - national statistics

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