Our tax system should be efficient and fair. It should reward work and support aspiration. The government collects taxes to fund public services, and help families and individuals with targeted financial support.





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Detailed guides

  1. Laundry allowance claims from Ratings and Other Ranks in the Ministry of Defence

    A new annual flat rate expense allowance for laundering uniforms has been agreed between HM Revenue & Customs and Ministry of Defence. Read more

  2. Telling HMRC you’re importing multiple vehicles

    How to tell HM Revenue and Customs that you're importing multiple vehicles using the Notification of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA) online service. Read more

  3. VAT: part-exchanges, barters and set-offs

    How to account for VAT on goods that you give away, exchange or offset. Read more

  4. VAT: lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed goods

    How you should account for VAT on goods that are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Read more

  5. VAT: exemption and partial exemption

    If some of the goods or services you supply are exempt from VAT this can affect how much VAT you can reclaim on your purchases. Read more