Some people need extra care or support - practical or emotional - to lead an active life and do the everyday things that many of us take for granted. The government is working to provide a social care system that provides care for those who need it, and which enables people to retain their independence and dignity.

Detailed guides

  1. Integrated care: ask a question or make a complaint

    Explains how to ask a question or make a complaint about Monitor's integrated care licence condition. Read more

  2. Delivering better integrated care

    A summary of what delivering better integrated care means and how Monitor is supporting the sector. Read more

  3. Register as a children’s social care provider or manager

    Guidance for adoption agencies, fostering agencies, children’s homes, residential family centres, and residential holiday schemes for disabled children. Read more

  4. Sickle cell and thalassaemia screening: community outreach good practice

    Advice for people who commission, fund, deliver and evaluate health outreach programmes. Read more

  5. Children’s social work workforce census: guide to submitting data

    How local authorities should collect and submit data to complete the children’s social work workforce census. Read more