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Detailed guides

  1. CDE portal: open and manage your account

    Guidance on how to open and manage your Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) portal account. Read more

  2. Licence to operate a space object: how to apply

    How to get a licence to launch or operate a spacecraft, satellite or manage other activities in outer space, under the Outer Space Act 1986. Read more

  3. Submit a supplementary expert opinion sample

    Guidance for food traders on how to submit a sample to the Government Chemist for supplementary expert opinion. Read more

  4. Submit a report to Athena

    How to submit a report to Athena, a repository that stores MOD-sponsored scientific and technical research reports. Read more

  5. Science and Society Community Challenge grant scheme

    Supporting individuals and organisations to create and run pilot projects which take science to diverse audiences. Read more