The government funds and supports innovation in science, technology and engineering to help the UK’s high-tech industries to thrive.

Policies 4

  1. Ensuring research and testing using animals is safe and reasonable

    Experimentation is only permitted when there is no alternative research technique and expected benefits outweigh possible adverse effects.

  2. Investing in research, development and innovation

    We want to use our talent to make the UK the best place in the world to run an innovative business or service.

  3. Increasing research and innovation in health and social care

    The government wants to encourage research and innovation in the NHS and use evidence to help raise standards in health and social care.

  4. Engaging the public in science and engineering

    High levels of skills in science, technology, engineering and maths are essential for the UK’s prosperity

Detailed guides

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  3. CDE portal: open and manage your account

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  4. Licence to operate a space object: how to apply

    How to get a licence to launch or operate a spacecraft, satellite or manage other activities in outer space, under the Outer Space Act 1986. Read more

  5. Accreditation and conformity assessment guidance for business and government departments

    Effective standardisation encourages innovation and forceful competition and improves profitability. Read more