Excessive bureaucracy stifles businesses, voluntary organisations and individuals. We will remove unnecessary red tape to encourage economic growth and increase personal freedom and fairness.


  1. Website revised

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  2. New core competencies

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  3. Pubs Code Adjudicator issues reminder on the responsibilities of pub companies

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  1. Verified Gross Mass of containers

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  2. Impact assessment calculator

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  3. Weights and Measures 7000 series

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Detailed guides

  1. Submitting additional evidence to the Regulatory Policy Committee

    What external organisations should consider when submitting additional evidence and how the Regulatory Policy Committee treats this information Read more

  2. The Regulatory Policy Committee - guidance for businesses and civil society organisations

    The Regulatory Policy Committee provides the government with external, independent scrutiny of the evidence supporting changes in law that affect businesses, charities and community groups. Read more

  3. The Regulatory Policy Committee scrutiny process

    Guidance to government departments on the RPC scrutiny process Read more

  4. Licence to operate a space object: how to apply

    How to get a licence to launch or operate a spacecraft, satellite or manage other activities in outer space, under the Outer Space Act 1986. Read more

  5. Flood risk activities: environmental permits

    Check if you need to apply for an environmental permit, formerly known as a flood defence consent, and get the forms you need. Read more