Excessive bureaucracy stifles businesses, voluntary organisations and individuals. We will remove unnecessary red tape to encourage economic growth and increase personal freedom and fairness.

Policies 3

  1. Improving the health and safety system

    How the government is improving the health and safety system, making sure it is taken seriously and reducing the burden on business.

  2. Reducing the impact of regulation on business

    Cutting red tape, improving existing regulations and avoiding unnecessary new regulations.

  3. Reforming the water industry to increase competition and protect the environment

    How the government is making the water industry more efficient and better at meeting the needs of their customers.


  1. The EU in a Digital Age

    • 26 February 2015
    • News article
  2. Recycling up and costs down under new regime

    • 25 February 2015
    • Press release
  3. Campaign cracks down on toxic fake alcohol

    • 16 February 2015
    • Press release

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  1. Competition Appeal Tribunal: rules of procedure review

    • 5 February 2015
    • Open consultation
  2. Batteries Directive: implementation and draft regulations

    • 2 February 2015
    • Consultation outcome
  3. Simplification of Intrastat

    • 30 January 2015
    • Consultation outcome

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Detailed guides

  1. Weights and measures equipment legislation and guidance

    What equipment is regulated and who enforces weights and measures. Read more

  2. National Measurement Office: better regulation

    Approach to compliance with better regulation and implementing the Regulators' Code. Read more

  3. Submitting additional evidence to the Regulatory Policy Committee

    What external organisations should consider when submitting additional evidence and how the Regulatory Policy Committee treats this information Read more

  4. Licence to operate a space object: how to apply

    How to get a licence to launch or operate a spacecraft, satellite or manage other activities in outer space, under the Outer Space Act 1986. Read more

  5. The Regulatory Policy Committee scrutiny process

    Guidance to government departments on the RPC scrutiny process Read more