The government has simplified the planning system so councils have the freedom to make decisions in the best interests of their area. Councils and communities should be central to a system that achieves socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development.

Policies 5

  1. Planning reform

    Giving local people and councils more say about development through neighbourhood planning, Local Plans and the community infrastructure levy.

  2. Conservation of historic buildings and monuments

    What we're doing to make sure we continue to have access to our historic places.

  3. Planning system

    We're simplifying the planning process to make it quicker and easier to build new homes, to develop new places and redevelop neglected land.

  4. Building regulation

    Ensuring that building regulations are fair, efficient, up to date, safe and effective.

  5. Energy efficiency in buildings

    We need to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and make sure that planning policies help to protect and improve the environment.

Detailed guides

  1. Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates: notes and definitions

    Information on how statistics on energy performance of buildings are compiled. Read more

  2. Get a licence for coal mining

    How to find out if a coal mining licence or agreement is needed and how to apply. Read more

  3. Apply for support for regeneration projects

    A guide on how to get support for your regeneration project from the Regeneration Investment Organisation (RIO) Read more

  4. Coal mining title deed covenants and legal requirements

    How to deal with covenants and legal requirements contained in title deeds which refer to the Coal Authority and its predecessors. Read more

  5. Heritage properties: prepare a heritage management plan

    Find out what you should include in a heritage management plan, who to consult and the approval process for conditionally exempt properties. Read more