Media and communications

Britain’s media industries are changing. By making sure press, digital, broadcast and mobile services are available to all and responsibly managed, the UK government will encourage and support a thriving sector.

Policies 3

  1. Communications and telecomms

    What we're doing to make sure our free and innovative communications industry can contribute to the economy.

  2. Media and creative industries

    How we're helping the media and creative industries by providing incentives and taking away red tape.

  3. Broadband investment

    How we're making sure homes and businesses in the UK can access fast and reliable broadband services.

Detailed guides

  1. Independent evaluation of the UK's broadband State aid measure

    Information for stakeholders on submitting representation for independent evaluation of State aid aspects of its National Broadband Scheme. Read more

  2. Resilient communications

    How responders can reduce the risk of communications disruption during emergencies by using ResilienceDirect, HITS and Telecoms Sub-Groups. Read more

  3. Access or provide Public Service Network (PSN) services and connectivity

    How public sector organisations can access or provide free-of-charge services over PSN and how commercial service providers can sell services on PSN. Read more

  4. Report an operational issue on the Public Services Network (PSN)

    How organisations can report and manage operational issues on PSN. Read more

  5. Broadband Delivery UK

    Details of the plan to achieve a transformation in broadband in the UK by 2017. Read more