The legal system must uphold fairness in society: both in business and for individuals. We want to ensure justice for victims of crime and better rehabilitation for criminals, with a reduction in the rate of reoffending.

The justice system must punish the guilty, protect our liberties and rehabilitate offenders. We will ensure that more criminals make amends to victims and communities for the harm they have caused and help them break the destructive cycle of crime.

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  1. Preventing more young offenders from re-offending

    Young offenders need education and training to enable them to return to school or college or find employment, but too many lack basic skills.

  2. Creating a transparent justice system

    How the government is working to improve the transparency of the justice system by publishing data and information that is accessible and easily understood.

  3. Making the criminal justice system more efficient

    To meet the needs of victims and save public money we need a criminal justice system that is less bureaucratic and costs less to run.

  4. Making sentencing more effective

    We need to make sure that sentences are more effective at punishing offenders and repairing the harm caused to victims.

  5. Making the family justice system more effective

    How the government is working to make the family justice system work better for families and put children’s needs first at all times.

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Detailed guides

  1. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002: code of practice under Section 377A

    Investigation powers under Proceeds of Crime Act: search and seizure warrants, disclosure, account monitoring and other orders. Read more

  2. Plea discussions in cases of serious or complex fraud

    Attorney General's guidelines for prosecutors on plea discussions and presenting a plea agreement to the court in serious fraud cases. Read more

  3. Jury vetting: right of stand by guidelines

    Attorney General's jury vetting guidelines on when to use of right of stand by and what procedure to follow. Read more

  4. Use of the common law offence of conspiracy to defraud

    Attorney General's guidelines for prosecutors on the use of the common law offence of conspiracy to defraud. First published 2007. Read more

  5. Living in Ireland

    Information for British nationals living in Ireland and information on driving regulations in Ireland Read more

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