The legal system must uphold fairness in society: both in business and for individuals. We want to ensure justice for victims of crime and better rehabilitation for criminals, with a reduction in the rate of reoffending.

The justice system must punish the guilty, protect our liberties and rehabilitate offenders. We will ensure that more criminals make amends to victims and communities for the harm they have caused and help them break the destructive cycle of crime.

Policies 10

  1. Legal aid reform

    How the government is working to reduce unnecessary costs and make sure that legal aid helps those who need it.

  2. Administrative justice reform

    Actions being taken to make Administrative Justice and Tribunals more streamlined and efficient.

  3. Family justice system

    How the government is working to make the family justice system work better for families and put children’s needs first at all times.

  4. Sentencing reform

    We need to make sure that sentences are more effective at punishing offenders and repairing the harm caused to victims.

  5. Victims of crime

    How the government is making sure victims of crime get the support they need, as a fundamental part of a civilised justice system.

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Detailed guides

  1. Living in Ireland

    Information for British nationals living in Ireland and information on driving regulations in Ireland Read more

  2. Use of the common law offence of conspiracy to defraud

    Attorney General's guidelines for prosecutors on the use of the common law offence of conspiracy to defraud. First published 2007. Read more

  3. Service of documents and taking of evidence

    How to serve legal documents overseas and take evidence abroad. Read more

  4. Consent of the Attorney General to prosecute: how to apply

    Guidance, created in 2012, for those who wish to begin a private prosecution for offences where the Attorney General’s consent is required. Read more

  5. Types of contempt of court dealt with by the Attorney General's Office

    The Attorney General and Solicitor General (the Law Officers) can be asked to look at some types of contempt of court. Read more