The government is working with universities and colleges so they can continue to provide high quality teaching and research and produce highly skilled graduates and post graduates.

Policies 2

  1. Higher education participation

    Encouraging more people from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to university.

  2. Access to higher education

    Introducing a financially sustainable funding system and a diverse, competitive sector with a wide range of providers.

Detailed guides

  1. Marshall Scholarships for American students

    Marshall Scholarships finance high-calibre young graduates or soon-to-be graduates from the USA to study in the UK: find out how to apply. Read more

  2. Chevening Scholarships for students from overseas

    Chevening Scholarships are one-year Masters’ degrees for graduates from anywhere in the world who could be future leaders: find out how to apply. Read more

  3. Recognised UK degrees

    Information about UK higher education degrees and recognised awarding bodies. Read more