Financial services support the economy and provide essential credit to households, consumers and business. We are creating a framework that promotes a responsible and sustainable financial services industry, tackling the issues of competition and risk in the banking sector.





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Detailed guides

  1. Equitable Life Payment Scheme: Independent Review Panel

    The Independent Review Panel provides a final review process for people who have been unable to resolve their complaint through the Equitable Life Payment Scheme’s complaints process. Read more

  2. Licences that allow activity prohibited by financial sanctions

    Any person or organisation involved in a transaction with those subject to financial sanctions will first need a licence from OFSI. Read more

  3. Suspected breach of financial sanctions – what to do

    If you suspect that a breach of financial sanctions has occurred, you need to contact OFSI at the earliest opportunity. Read more

  4. Equitable Life Payment Scheme

    Find out more information on the Equitable Life Payment Scheme. Read more

  5. Appeal against a Pensions Regulator fine

    How to appeal against a fine issued by the Pensions Regulator under automatic pension enrolment rules. Read more