The government is working to make Britain a fair, free and democratic society open to those who are willing to contribute to British life.

Policies 4

  1. Social mobility

    How the government is working to improve social mobility and outcomes for people in the early years of life, during school and into adult life.

  2. Social action

    Enouraging social action by making it easier for people to volunteer, to donate to charity and to help improve their local community

  3. Equality

    Improving equality and reducing discrimination and disadvantage for all at work, in public and political life, and in people’s life chances.

  4. Human rights internationally

    Promoting human rights, and political and economic freedom around the world.

Detailed guides

  1. Devolution settlement: Scotland

    Find out what areas the Scottish administration legislates on and how it is structured. Read more

  2. Living in Ireland

    Information for British nationals living in Ireland and information on driving regulations in Ireland Read more

  3. Domestic Programme Fund: bidding process

    The fund is for voluntary organisations working to protect victims and end the abusive act of forced marriage; view the last successful bid list. Read more

  4. Equality Act 2010: guidance

    Information and guidance on the Equality Act 2010, including age discrimination and public sector Equality Duty. Read more

  5. Devolution settlement: Wales

    Find out what areas the Welsh administration legislates on and how it is structured. Read more