To boost the number of jobs and create a flexible labour market, the government is modernising employment law while protecting employee rights. To increase the number of people in employment, we need to support them into work through the benefits system and job search support.


  1. Certification Officer: Mergers

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  2. New Fast Stream website

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  3. Madhya Pradesh CM visits UK 26-27 September

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  1. DBS checks: police performance summary

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  2. Service standards for DBS checks, referrals and barring

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  3. Northern Ireland Business Register and Employment Survey 2015

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Detailed guides

  1. Apply for changes to the bargaining unit after recognition

    How to ask the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) to consider changes to a declaration of recognition. Read more

  2. Get help from the CAC after a voluntary agreement

    How trade unions and employers can get more help from the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) after a voluntary agreement has been reached. Read more

  3. Apply to resolve a European Works Councils dispute

    How employees, employers and their representatives can resolve disputes about setting up and running a European Works Council (EWC). Read more

  4. National minimum wage: work experience and internships

    Guidance on the national minimum wage for organisations who offer work experience, including placements and internships. Read more

  5. What to do if your employee has more than 1 job

    How to work out National Insurance contributions if your employee has more than 1 job. Read more