Crime must be reduced and prevented to ensure people feel safe in their homes and communities. The government supports visible, responsive and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime.

Detailed guides

  1. Living in Ireland

    Information for British nationals living in Ireland and information on driving regulations in Ireland Read more

  2. NOMS graduate programme

    Find out how the NOMS graduate programme is structured, the career paths it opens up and the qualities you'll need to secure your place. Read more

  3. Represent yourself at a parole review oral hearing

    How to represent yourself at a parole review hearing, for prisoners on indeterminate sentence who don't have a lawyer. Read more

  4. Enforcement officers: issuing fixed penalty notices

    How and when you can issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs), if you've been authorised by a district or parish council, or another authority. Read more

  5. Appropriate adults: guide for youth justice professionals

    This guide is for youth justice professionals who are managing appropriate adults and appropriate adult services. Read more