The government is working at home and abroad to adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in low-carbon energy sources, improving fuel standards in cars and increasing energy efficiency wherever possible.

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  1. Energy efficiency in buildings

    We need to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and make sure that planning policies help to protect and improve the environment.

  2. Transport emissions

    The government is taking steps to reduce carbon emissions from all forms of transport in the UK

  3. Greenhouse gas emissions

    We're moving the UK to a more efficient, low-carbon economy to meet our legally binding climate change targets.

  4. Climate change adaptation

    What the government is doing to make sure the UK is prepared for the potential impacts of climate change.

  5. Low carbon technologies

    How renewable energy, new nuclear power stations and a carbon capture and storage industry, will promote growth, ensure the UK has a secure supply of energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Detailed guides

  1. Sustainability standards for electricity generation from biomass

    How you must report on sustainability for biomass and biogas electricty generation, if you generate over 50KW. Read more

  2. Standard Assessment Procedure

    Guidance on how buildings will be SAP energy assessed under the Green Deal and on recent changes to incentivise low carbon developments. Read more

  3. Climate change agreements

    How climate change agreements (CCAs) work, who is eligible for a CCA, and sector associations with CCAs. Read more

  4. Setting up a climate change agreement (CCA)

    How to apply for a climate change agreement (CCA), information you need to provide when you apply, and charges you will need to pay. Read more

  5. Offshore wind: part of the UK's energy mix

    How to plan offshore wind farms and get investment grants and how we're helping UK industry win a greater share of renewables business. Read more