The government is working at home and abroad to adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in low-carbon energy sources, improving fuel standards in cars and increasing energy efficiency wherever possible.

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  1. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and using planning to protect the environment

    We need to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and make sure that planning policies help to protect and improve the environment.

  2. Reducing demand for energy from industry, businesses and the public sector

    What we’re doing to help industry, businesses and the public sector save energy.

  3. Using evidence and analysis to inform energy and climate change policies

    How evidence – research, appraisal, evaluation, projections, modelling and statistics – informs our energy and climate change policies.

  4. Supporting international action on climate change

    How we’re working with other countries to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

  5. Adapting to climate change

    What the government is doing to make sure the UK is prepared for the potential impacts of climate change.

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Detailed guides

  1. Harnessing hydroelectric power

    How hydroelectric power works, regional schemes and information on installing your own micro-hydro scheme. Read more

  2. Sustainability standards for electricity generation from biomass

    How you must report on sustainability for biomass and biogas electricty generation, if you generate over 50KW. Read more

  3. Policy impacts on prices and bills

    How costs to the consumer are affected by changes in energy and climate change policy. Read more

  4. Capital Markets Climate Initiative

    Guidance on the government's CMCI programme to raise private funding for renewable energy projects in the developing world. Read more

  5. Energy-intensive industries: compensation for indirect costs of energy and climate change policies

    Government is compensating businesses most at risk of carbon leakage, to help offset the cost of energy and climate change policies. Read more

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