All children should grow up in a supportive and stable environment. The government works to protect children and support the professionals who care for them and their families.

Policies 13

  1. Children outside mainstream education

    What the government is doing to create more effective and diverse alternative provision.

  2. Social equality

    Improving equality and reducing discrimination and disadvantage for all at work, in public and political life, and in people’s life chances.

  3. Children's health

    How we are offering free school meals to all pupils in reception year, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools in England.

  4. Looked-after children and adoption

    How the government is reducing the time it takes to adopt and improving the quality of care for all looked-after children.

  5. Children's social workers

    How the government is ensuring social workers and other professionals are able to help and protect vulnerable children.

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Detailed guides

  1. MMR catchup programme: diagnosis, case management, and advice

    How to confirm a measles diagnosis, manage cases and contacts, control infection, and vaccinate young or partially-covered patients. Read more

  2. Local authority moderation of the EYFS profile

    How local authorities must assess providers to check they are completing their early years foundation stage (EYFS) profiles correctly. Read more

  3. Work with victims and restorative justice: youth offending teams

    Understand victim classification, the protocols around making contact, keeping victims informed, storing data and restorative justice. Read more

  4. Eligibility for the school milk subsidy scheme

    Find out who is eligible to apply for school milk subsidies, the products covered by the scheme and how much can be claimed. Read more

  5. Emergencies and severe weather: schools and early years settings

    How headteachers and early years providers should plan for and deal with emergencies, including severe weather and floods. Read more