The government is responsible for securing the UK’s borders. We will deliver an improved migration system that commands public confidence and serves our economic interests. We believe that improving migration processes to reduce abuse and limiting non-EU economic migrancy will better serve Britain’s interests and deliver a fair system.

Detailed guides

  1. Secure your vehicle to help stop illegal immigration

    How road transport companies and their drivers must secure their vehicles to stop people using them to enter the UK illegally, and to avoid being fined. Read more

  2. Personal food, plant and animal product imports

    Guidance for individual travellers bringing food or other products with a plant or animal origin into the UK for personal use, or receiving such products by post. Read more

  3. Living in Costa Rica

    Essential information for British nationals residing in Costa Rica, covering topics like driving, employment, the health system and schools. Read more

  4. Living in Nicaragua

    Essential information for British nationals residing in Nicaragua, covering topics like healthcare, education and employment. Read more

  5. Apply for a Tier 4 sponsor licence

    How to apply for a student sponsor licence. Read more