Employment programme support official statistics

Statistics for Work Programme and pre-Work Programme employment support.



The Work Programme helps people get back into work. It’s administered by service providers who are paid according to the results they achieve. It provides personalised support for claimants who need more help to find and stay in work.

Pre-Work Programme schemes give Jobcentre Plus choice over what support to offer to claimants in their area based on claimant and local labour market characteristics. Some of these schemes are mandatory.

The table shows when official statistics on these schemes are published.

Programme Scheme Official statistics Release dates
Work Programme Work Programme DWP Work Programme Official Statistics Work Programme statistics release calendar
Pre-Work Programme Work Experience Get Britain Working official statistics Get Britain Working statistics release calendar
New Enterprise Allowance
Sector-based work academies
Mandatory Work Activity Mandatory programmes official statistics Mandatory programmes statistics release calendar
Skills Conditionality
Work Clubs No official statistics published
Enterprise Clubs
Work Together
Related statistics Sanctions Sanctions tabulation tool

Latest sanctions data: tabulation tool
To be announced
Wage incentives Wage incentive job starts: management information

Wage incentive payments: experimental statistics
Ad hoc
Work Choice Work Choice official statistics Work Choice statistics release calendar

On 27 June 2013 we published Work Programme – Programme costs to 31 March 2013 – Financial information on Work Programme costs to provide additional context for the official statistics.

We’ve published a number of ad hoc statistical analyses that relate to employment support programmes.

Legacy employment support data

Legacy employment support data for New Deal and related schemes is available as follows:

Background information about legacy schemes is available on The National Archives.

Employment Programmes in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a different range of employment programmes to the rest of the United Kingdom. Their biggest scheme is called ‘Steps to work.’ However, Northern Ireland are currently consulting on a successor scheme called ‘Steps 2 Success.’ This new programme will be similar in nature to the Work Programme.

Further information:

Research reports

We also commission and publish research to evaluate our programmes.