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  1. UK data gaps action plan: inclusive progress towards the global sustainable development goal indicators

  2. Understanding the different approaches of measuring owner occupiers’ housing costs: October to December 2017

  3. Producer price inflation, UK: February 2018

  4. UK consumer price inflation: Feb 2018

  5. UK House Price Index: January 2018

  6. Index of private housing rental prices (IPHRP) in Great Britain: Feb 2018

  7. Prices economic commentary: Mar 2018

  8. Labour market economic commentary: March 2018

  9. Regional labour market statistics in the UK: Mar 2018

  10. UK public sector finances: Feb 2018

  11. Monthly property transactions completed in the UK with value of £40,000 or above

  12. Northern Ireland Broad Economy Sales & Exports Statistics 2016 - Goods

  13. MQ5: Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts: October to December 2017

  14. Retail Sales in Great Britain: Feb 2018

  15. UK public sector finances, data tables: February 2018

  16. National Accounts articles: Revisions to gross domestic product in Blue Book 2017

  17. Quarterly mortality report, England: October to December 2017 and year-end review

  18. NI Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2017: Pension results

  19. UK Natural Capital: developing semi-natural grassland ecosystem accounts

  20. Analysis of the extent of modelling and estimation in regional gross value added estimates

  21. Sustainable development goals, Data Gaps work

  22. Monthly economic commentary: March 2018

  23. UK index of services: Jan 2018

  24. UK quarterly national accounts: Oct to Dec 2017

  25. UK quarterly sector accounts: Oct to Dec 2017

  26. Business investment in the UK, revised: Oct to Dec 2017

  27. Consumer Trends, Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2017

  28. Balance of Payments: Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2017

  29. UK economic statistics sector classification update and forward work plan: Mar 2018

  30. United Kingdom Economic Accounts: Oct to Dec 2017

  31. Economic well-being: October to December 2017

  32. UK productivity: Oct to Dec 2017

  33. Measurement of the finance and insurance industries in estimates of regional gross value added

  34. Producing a historical series for CPIH

  35. UK index of production: February 2018

  36. Short-term economic indicators commentary: April 2018

  37. Construction output in Great Britain: February 2018

  38. UK trade: February 2018

  39. Profitability of UK companies: Oct to Dec 2017

  40. International Trade in Services by Partner Country, Q4 2017